PERRLA: 1. the most amazing, approachable, quirky, coachy software company for students, ever. 2. medical acronym for Pupils Equal, Round and Reactive to Light and Accommodation

What We're About

Helping Students

We know how overwhelming it can be to try to juggle school, work, and home. We’ve done it ourselves. Students who use our software have the best chance of success in school, and we like knowing that.

Being There for You

We make it easy for students to contact us. From 10am until 10pm, 7 days a week, our Customer Support Team is standing by to help you. Some companies talk about support and it’s all talk, but we’re kind of fanatical about it.

Having Fun While Doing Both

We take our work seriously, but we also take our fun seriously, too. No, seriously. Do you know another company that has created a fictitious revolutionary character, has a unicorn for a mascot, and has even made a sock puppet musical? We promise to give you not only the best student software around, but to also try and put a smile on your face while doing it.

And So Gary Begat PERRLA

During the personal computer revolution in the early 80’s, Gary McGuire learned to program computers. An English teacher by profession, Gary had been teaching English for about 16 years by the mid-90’s when his wife, Jennifer, returned to school to become a nurse (and later a family nurse practitioner). It was a scary time for her because of the challenges and demands of school and family.

It became even scarier when Gary decided to give nursing a try himself and entered a nursing program. Even though he already had a master's degree it didn't prepare him for writing using the APA style. Gary saw how much time and stress he and his wife were giving to formatting papers, so he used his software development skills to write a computer program to automate the creation of references and citations. He wanted a program that allowed him to concentrate on the content of his papers, not the formatting.

A couple of Gary's nursing instructors told him he should put his APA formatting tool on the Internet to help other students. Which created a business AND a problem; it needed a name A lot of people wonder about the name; PERRLA. Gary remembered an acronym used in healthcare -PERRLA, which stands for Pupils are Equal, Round, and Reactive to Light and Accommodation. It's a good thing. It means "normal."

Considering how crazy school can be, it had a restful and calming feel. PERRLA - normal. Something every student wants.

That was 1998 -- countless version upgrades and 500,000+ customers ago.

Here We Are!

PERRLA has 500,000+ customers: In all 50 states in the United States, In every province in Canada, In more than 30 countries, In thousands of school around the world (including yours)

Just as Gary recognized the need to make paper formatting easier, we’ve since recognized the value of making the other parts of being a student easier. Such as organizing, time and detail management, tracking assignments, note-taking, and so on. That’s why we introduced PERRLA Online, which combines our tried-and-true paper formatting desktop software with an online student organizer and paper planner, plus a mobile app. This SIGNIFICANTLY increases the paper-writing and formatting functionality we offer combined with an everything-in-one-place student organizer that is accessible from any internet-connected device. 

EVERYTHING about being a student just got easier.

Finally, we hope you will recognize that this is more than a business for us. We are working hard on new (and existing) products but our goal - after all these years - is still the same... to help people achieve their dreams through success in school.

Welcome to the PERRLA family!

Did We Mention Approachable?

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